Company Guidelines

Management Policy

High standard for the individuals

What “individuals” here means everybody that are related to mate,Inc.
The company promises to the individuals to provide high standard
benefits (salaries, training and others).


We create the society with better quality life
through the professionals’ services that we produce and provide.

Mission statement

We are targeting to make the better world with happiness
through the service that we produce and provide.

Guideline for action

『 In prosperity prepare for adversity 』
We always challenge. We will never be satisfied with what we have.

『 No Fun, No Gain 』
We enjoy everything.

『 Trust and believe each other 』
We trust and understand each other.

『 Connection with people is the most important thing 』
We always love people and we always try to be loved by people.

『 Think in your head and decide with your heart 』
We are always brave to decide and we always have power to think.