Message from Kazuhiro Sato

Be a global company that my team can enjoy

mate, Inc. started in small room of office building located in Chiyoda-ku in March, 2009.

When I started the company, I wanted to be independent and wanted to challenge myself. Why I established the company was not because of what I wanted to continue doing, so what I currently have did not exist from the beginning. I believe that there are various reasons of establishing companies and I admit that I did not have specific reasons or wills when I established my company.

From the beginning, after 4 years passed and I have been meeting many great people and they all helped me. Through the experience, I started to believe that I should believe in those people. And their power! Currently, I am glad to say that I have people who I love in my company and they all are talented and nice.

Some people call employees “employees”. In Japanese, employee means to obey poeple. However, I do not like the word “obey”, so I call who I have in my company “members”. Also I do not micro manage people and let them do what they believe. I believe this is because of I can trust my members.

I always think everything will come back to people whatever we go through. I strongly believe in people. I am always amazed what people can do.

From what my personality is like, I love people and I hope to be a person who can apologize when needed or say thank you when I feel happy.

We are not No.1 but we always target to be No.1 and I want my members to have entrepreneurial spirit even if the company is growing.

We will move forward to contribute to the people and the society, and to be the best group in the world. Even some people say it is such a big dream, I would always believe that we will be the one. And I also believe that we can be the one.

October, 2010
Founder&CEO Kazuhiro Sato