ENishi Adviser Flyer is ready!

Flyer is ready to be given out! Able to get advice from 5 different professionals!

ENishiAdviserチラシ表 enishi_flyer_omote

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This will help us market the service hopefully.

Please let us introduce the professionals that cooperated to create this flyer.

  • Zeirishi (a licensed tax accountant): Mr. Masahiro Iizuka from Iizuka Zeirishi & Gyoseisyoshi Office
  • Cyuusyoukigyou sinndannshi (Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant): Mr. Kenichi Shimizu from Pure Consulting Office
  • Sharou Hokenshi (Certified Human Resources Management consultant):Mr. Kunihiko Miyajima from Hoken Roumushi Jimusyo
  • Benrisi (a patent attorney): Mr. Ayanobu Yagami from Yagami Kokuisai Tokkyo Jimusyo
  • Gyosei Syoshi(a notary public) : Mr. Noriyuki Koyama from Gyoseisyoshi Koyama Jimusyo


ENishi Adviser Updates

4 Professionals comments are available on the ENishi Adviser top page.

4 Professionals’ personalities and expertise are introduced on the page. Please check it out.

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Information about the connection with Oshiete!goo

We added how to post on Oshiete!goo as professional on the ENishi service site!

Posting Oshiete!goo will help you to market yourself if you are one of the professionals in Japan! Please contact us for any further questions.

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※What is ENishi advisor?

Professionals will answer your management problems, and questions. The new service will allow you to make your management easy!
Daily problems on managements are the bottle neck for every business owner. Sometimes legal issues will appear and it takes time to find professionals who can solve the problems.

[ENishi Adviser] was born to support those business owners. Tax related, copy rights, HR…etc.. will be something that you can ask in the service and professionals that expertise in those field will find you a way! The unique feature on this service is you can ask as many times you want if you pay monthly fees. Not you can only use in PCs, but you also can use on your SmrartPhones.

Monthly fees start from 2,000JPY. We prepare 3 plans depending on the contract periods, so that you can use the service when it is necessary. Also you can communicate with the professionals directly. We try our best to provide the best service at the best moments.