mate, Inc. released ENishi Adviser β

mate, Inc. (In Shinjyuku, CEO: Mr. Kazuhiro Sato) released monthly fee based service for business owners, ENishi β on July, 22nd.


▼ENishi Adviser service website

What is ENishi advisor?

Professionals will answer your management problems, and questions. The new service will allow you to make your management easy!
Daily problems on managements are the bottle neck for every business owner. Sometimes legal issues will appear and it takes time to find professionals who can solve the problems.

[ENishi Adviser] was born to support those business owners. Tax related, copy rights, HR…etc.. will be something that you can ask in the service and professionals that expertise in those field will find you a way! The unique feature on this service is you can ask as many times you want if you pay monthly fees. Not you can only use in PCs, but you also can use on your SmrartPhones.

Monthly fees start from 2,000JPY. We prepare 3 plans depending on the contract periods, so that you can use the service when it is necessary. Also you can communicate with the professionals directly. We try our best to provide the best service at the best moments.

ENishi Adviser Benefits

  • Able to get advice from professionals with lower costs than having them in the company
  • There are 5 different professionals
  • Able to use both PC and SmartPhone

About ENishi Brand

For instance, in Law business, the demand was expected to increase and the licensed professionals were increased. This overflow law related licensed professionals and most of them do not have business. This happens to all fields and many talented licensed professionals cannot get business. Considering this situation, we believe that Internet will solve the problem and developed the service. This is the start of the service called ENishi.

  • Increase the place that business owners can talk to to professionals
  • Increase the place where professionals in different fields can talk to each other

We are still developing better service to decrease the anxiety of being business owners.

We are hoping to create the service both business owners and professionals can be happy. Please let us know your you have any further requests or questions.