Alliance with Oshiete!goo

mate,Inc. (Tokyo Shinjuku, CEO Kazuhiro Sato) is providing professional SNS service [ENishi] and now cooperating with Oshiete!goo (ran by NTT Resonant corporation).


This alliance will enables licensed professionals to answer with their actual names and photos to the questions from users. It also could be a good advertisement for them.

As well as that, users can acquire better quality answers from licensed professionals.

About ENishi

These days, international related issues are expected to rise due to the globalization and licensed professionals were increased, however, the market did not expand as expected and many cannot get jobs.

In order to solve the problem, ENishi is helping to increase the opportunities to interact with users or customers. Also ENishi is trying to enhance the communication between licensed professionals.

mate,Inc, and ENishi is still searching for better service in better qualities.

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